How You Can Help

Like us and Share Us on FacebookThe most important way to get animals adopted is for people to be aware that they are at the animal shelter. You can help this awareness by going to the Facebook page Wexford County Shelter Shares and clicking “like” or “share” which posts it on your timeline and helps spread the word. We have had animals adopted by people from other cities because of these postings.  We have had lost animals reclaimed by owners because word got to them that their pet was at the shelter. You can also help by volunteering. Every animal needs attention and love. Dogs enjoy getting out of their cages for a walk or being able to chase a ball in the fenced in yard. Cats enjoy playing with their feather toys and trying to “catch” laser lights.  The more animals are socialized, the better chance they have of fitting into a new family.

Visit the Wexford County Animal Shelter Shares Facebook Page